Which is the fastest developing area to buy property in Coimbatore?

Which is the fastest developing area to buy property in Coimbatore?

Now, with an estimated population above 3 million, Coimbatore stands as the second most populous city in the state. The city, known as the Manchester of South India, is well-established with significant software, healthcare, and industrial sectors. Over the next five years, the city is expected to experience astonishing expansion and add over 2 lakh employment.

As a result, it will increase demand for new housing to meet the needs of the expanding population. New housing developments have allowed the city to continue growing. In these areas, social infrastructure and connectivity are also adequate. These locations have also been endowed with improved urban infrastructure and a better environment. These are the locations below that are growing the fastest among them!


Coimbatore's Saravanampatti neighbourhood is expanding quickly. The area is equipped with everything needed for cosy residential living. Because there is so much space in this area, building large houses is extremely feasible. Not to mention, the social infrastructure is impressive. One of Coimbatore's largest malls, Prozone Mall, is situated in Saravanampatti. Even though Saravanampatti offers better residential living circumstances, it still has its IT infrastructure thanks to CHIL SEZ IT Park, which is home to several significant IT enterprises.


Due to its proximity to numerous businesses and IT organisations, Thudiyalur is a rapidly expanding residential suburb in Coimbatore. Through Thudiyalur is NH 181. The area is home to significant enterprises like Texmo enterprises, IT clusters like KCT Tech Park, and excellent social and retail infrastructure, all of which are driving up demand for residential development. It provides a decent variety of plots, standalone homes, villas, and multi-story structures. Thudiyalur has good rail and road connectivity. Moreover, Coimbatore International Airport is about thirty minutes apart.


Kalapatti, a rapidly expanding neighbourhood in Coimbatore, is fortunate to have two excellent international schools and a healthy living environment. The intersection of Kalapatti Road, Avinashi Road, and Sathy Road at the SITRA intersection—which leads to the Coimbatore International Airport—is the second alluring location. Because of the entrance of numerous IT businesses and its proximity to the airport, it is one of the Coimbatore regions that is expanding the fastest.


A residential area called Kovilpalayam is located along the banks of the Kousika River. There's also the well-known Kaalakaleshwar Temple in this vicinity. This area is traversed by National Highway 948. Among the neighbouring towns are Sarcarsamakulam, Tiruppur, and Kunnathur. Real estate activity is being stimulated by being close to job centres such as Chil SEZ and airports. There has been planned development in this area. Within a 20-minute radius are numerous industries and IT tech parks, including KCT Tech Park, Tidal Park Coimbatore IT Wing SEZ, and Elcot SEZ.


Kurumbapalayam is a well-known neighbourhood in Coimbatore. It is a Madukkarai sub-locality. It is a gateway that allows the Salem-Kochi highway to link Coimbatore with Kerala. Numerous educational institutes are located there. Families with children and working professionals will find this area ideal. Some of the investment choices in this area are plots, standalone homes, and apartments.


Sulur is a well-known area in the Coimbatore suburbs. The blend of residential and commercial neighbourhoods is organic in this area. There are numerous plots and independent homes for sale in this area. One of the main tourist destinations in the area and a contributing factor to its picturesque splendour is the Sulur Lake. Sulur is well connected via Sengathurai Sulur Road and Trichy Road.

The Manchester of South India, Coimbatore, is quickly becoming a real estate magnate. Continue reading to learn the causes of this quick development:

Solid infrastructure

There is a persistent real estate boom in the city due to the expansion of multiple industries, including general engineering, IT/IT, and the manufacturing of auto parts. This city is becoming more than simply a spectator in the real estate market; it is well-known for its effective public transport system and magnificent civic and social amenities. With a reliable power supply and an abundance of water resources, Coimbatore provides all the contemporary amenities needed for a comfortable lifestyle.

Educational Hub

This city is also popular for educational excellence and is home to many internationally recognised institutions and universities. The schools in Coimbatore are renowned for their high standards, providing a holistic and excellent foundation for children to acquire knowledge. It also boasts prestigious establishments in all sectors, including top-notch medical colleges and international schools. Among the accredited educational institutions are the Coimbatore Institute of Technology and PSG College of Technology, which are considered some of the best colleges in Coimbatore. The presence of reputable research institutions further enhances Coimbatore's appeal, making it a highly sought-after location for real estate development.

Several employment opportunities

This city's residents are renowned for being resourceful and hardworking. It follows that the extraordinary industrial expansion this city has experienced throughout the years is not surprising. This expansion, which set off a domino effect, has raised demand for long-term real estate investments and produced a multitude of job prospects. For professionals and businesspeople alike, this city is the ideal place to live because of its great job prospects and lovely atmosphere.

Social infrastructure

Pop culture and social life in Coimbatore are booming right now. There are plenty of upscale shopping centres like Fun City Mall, Prozone Mall, and Brookefields Mall where you can always find somewhere to relax after work. For an amazing theatre experience, you may also join up with friends and see the newest movies at the esteemed SPI Cinemas.

With a few exceptions, not all investments provide you with larger returns. Among the few, real estate has the potential to yield a larger return. A property's value is significantly influenced by its location. These are Coimbatore's rapidly expanding neighbourhoods.

Therefore, purchasing land, a flat or individual house here is among your best bets because their value will soar over the next several years. Investing in these carefully selected neighbourhoods by Coimbatore Property, the most reputable real estate web dedicated to Coimbatore, offers a good chance of earning a profitable return.

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