Which are the best places to buy a house in Chennai ?

Which are the best places to buy a house in Chennai ?

India's most urbanized and developed city is Chennai. Due to Chennai's size, there are always desirable homes available for purchase, whether a person is relocating there or has lived there their entire life. It is a good time to buy a Individual House in Chennai since there are laws that safeguard the buyer's interests in the form of the RERA Act and less complication when it comes to taxes with the introduction of GST.

You've come to the perfect location if you're looking to buy a house in the city. The neighborhood must be contemporary, secure, and evolving together with the property. Some of the top areas in which to purchase a home right now include:

Individual House for sale in Nungambakkam

Nungambakkam may easily be described as a key hub for the entire city of Chennai because it is home to some of the most notable landmarks of the area. Nungambakkam has it all, from dining, shopping, and sports to green spaces, the arts, and current events. First-rate healthcare facilities can be found in the Nungambakkam neighborhood, including SIMS hospitals, Sankar Nethralaya, and Dr. Aggarwal's. One shouldn't hesitate to plan to settle down with a family here because it is well-regarded for having some of the most prestigious schools and colleges in Chennai. The renowned Khader Nawaz Khan Road in Nungambakkam continues to be the premier destination for upscale shopping in Chennai. It is close to prestigious locations for events like the Sir Mutha Venkata Subba Rao Concert Hall and sporting sites like the Sterling Club and SDAT Tennis Stadium.

Individual House for sale in Anna Nagar

One of the most sought-after places to dwell in Chennai is Anna Nagar, which is a neighborhood in the city's northwestern region. C. N. Annadurai, a prominent Tamil leader, was honored with the name. This is the first and only region in Chennai that has been planned to use the Western addressing system. There are several excellent schools and institutions nearby in Anna Nagar. Just a few instances include Jaya Maruthi Sangeetha Vidyalaya and Chennai Public School. Additionally, it has access to a wide range of colleges in Chennai's general north and east region. Anna Nagar has alternatives for all types of properties, whether you wish to live in a standalone home, an apartment complex, or a gated neighborhood. The idea of residential neighborhoods with separate residences was first introduced in Anna Nagar in Chennai. One of Chennai's best infrastructures is found in this neighborhood. In addition to two underground metro stations, two very well-maintained roadways, and a flyover that connects to Amjikarai. In an era when concrete jungles are being built, Anna Nagar has managed to keep the majority of its trees and parks, giving its residents a pleasant environment.

Individual House for sale in Kotturpuram

Kotturpuram, one of the city's premier residential neighborhoods, is situated south of the Adyar River. The area benefits from excellent social and physical infrastructure. Additionally, Kotturpuram has great access to the rest of the city. Kotturpuram is still affordable for potential homebuyers despite the type of social and physical infrastructure that surrounds this area. Kotturpuram has its own train station, and it's only a 20-minute drive to the Chennai International Airport as well. One of the main factors promoting the expansion of Kotturpuram's residential sector has been the availability of a solid social and physical infrastructure at affordable prices. The region is also close to places like Guindy and IIT Chennai. The Anna Centenary Library, one of Southeast Asia's largest libraries, is located in the area. Kotturpuram is a wonderful choice for your property in Chennai since it has good social and physical facilities, convenient access to tech parks, and seamless connectivity.

Individual House for sale in K K Nagar

K.K. Nagar, short for Kalaignar Karunanidhi Nagar, is a district in Chennai's southern region. One of the few planned townships in the city is this area. The Chennai Airport is only 15 minutes away from this location, which is located west of Ashok Nagar. There are 15 sectors and around 102 streets in K.K. Nagar, which are divided into these two categories. There is a park in the center of each area. The area is home to low to mid-rise apartments and horizontal residential buildings, mostly with builder floors. The Arcot Road, Inner Ring Road, and Chennai-Trichy Highway all provide convenient access to KK Nagar. The Green Line's Ashok Nagar metro station provides service to KK Nagar. There are excellent social and retail amenities in the neighborhood and its surrounding areas. The Express Avenue Mall, Chandra Metro Mall, and Forum Vijaya Mall are a few of the area's well-known shopping centers. For the medical need of the locals, hospitals like ESI Hospital and SIMS Hospital are nearby. The IT parks at Taramani and Guindy are both conveniently located for KK Nagar residents. The Bascon Futura IT Park and Olympia Technology Park are significant IT parks that are within a 10-minute drive of the area.

Individual House for sale in Ashok Nagar

The residential neighborhood of Ashok Nagar is located in the center of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is a thriving neighborhood with a wide range of amenities and an active way of life. Due to its excellent infrastructure and close proximity to the city center, Ashok Nagar is one of Chennai's most favored residential neighborhoods. It features a vibrant nightlife and a population that is diversified. Additionally, there are a lot of parks and natural areas in the region where people may unwind and take in the fresh air. With its superior infrastructure, practical utilities, and exciting culture, Ashok Nagar is a fantastic area to live and work. With the help of a network of roads and public transport, the neighborhood is well connected to the other areas of the city. It serves as a hub for facilities such as hospitals, retail centers, places of entertainment, and other amenities. The region is renowned for its top-notch infrastructure and accessibility to public transport.

Individual House for sale in Gopalapuram

Chennai's Gopalapuram is a well-liked neighborhood. Chennai International Airport is around 20 minutes away from Gopalapuram. It is three km from Chennai Central Railway Station. On one of the streets of Gopalapuram, there is a residence for the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. It consists of a variety of single-family homes, villas, and apartments. Within 3 kilometers is the well-liked tourist site of Marina Beach. The locals have easy access to all the amenities they might possibly need. Amazing schools like Narayana Olympiad School and National Public School, as well as renowned colleges and institutions like IIT, Anna University, and Loyola College, are all within walking distance. The Apollo Hospital, Fortis Malar Hospital, and Vijay Group of Hospitals, among other facilities, provide excellent medical services to the area. This real estate is a perfect and serene area to live in, with excellent hospitals, schools, and entertainment nearby.

Individual House for sale in Kodambakkam

In the heart of Chennai, there is a business and residential district called Kodambakkam. This locality has its very own Railway Network called Kodambakkam railway station. With a significant number of studios, Kodambakkam has long been regarded as the center of the Tamil film industry. This area's easy access to the Chennai International Airport and the important IT hub of Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corp. is a major growth factor. Apartments with multiple stories and standalone homes may be found in Kodambakkam. Grand Southern Trunk Road, Dr. Ambedkar Road, and Arcot Road all provide great access to Kodambakkam, which also connects to other areas of the city. Little Millennium, Akshar Arbol International School, Meenakshi College for Women, and Engineering Technical College are just a few of the renowned educational institutions that can be found in Kodambakkam. There are also a lot of well-known tech parks nearby, all within a 10- to 15-minute drive.

Individual House for sale in OMR

The grand dream of Chennai is OMR. From Madhya Kailash junction to Siruseri, a 20-kilometer corridor of real estate development, boasts of IT advancement and excellent infrastructure. The second-highest exporter of information technology from India is the section that has been recognized as an IT/ITeS corridor. The region's real estate market has been boosted by the boom, which has also made it more appealing. On this road, the government has prioritized infrastructure improvements including sewage and water hookups. The IT and ITES center of Chennai is OMR, and major corporations have offices there. Being close to Chennai's major rising southern suburbs and the IT hubs is a big benefit of residing in OMR. Mahindra World City, ECR, GST, and the ELCOT SEZs are all easily accessible from OMR. The TIDEL Park is only approximately 10 minutes away from OMR and the Chennai airport is only 30 minutes away by car. OMR is certain to provide an elegant touch to your property with its abundance of upscale eateries and cutting-edge amenities.

Individual House for sale in Besant Nagar

One of Chennai's most beautiful and affluent neighborhoods is Besant Nagar. Numerous notable city landmarks, including Elliot Beach, Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple, and the Karl Schmidt Memorial, are nearby. People from many backgrounds have been drawn to Besant Nagar by its peaceful atmosphere and made to fall in love with it. In the vicinity of Besant Nagar, there are various parks, recreation spaces, schools, colleges, hospitals, and markets. Additionally, it boasts a robust public transit system that enables inhabitants to easily access all other areas of the city. People from all different backgrounds should consider moving to Besant Nagar. Being only 30 minutes away, the airport is easily accessible to those who live in Besant Nagar.

Individual House for sale in Poes Garden

A well-known neighborhood in Chennai called Poes Garden is home to a number of well-known celebrities and businessmen including Rajnikanth House. The neighborhood, which is located in Chennai's Teynampet neighborhood, has excellent access to various areas of the city via the Great Southern Trunk Road, KB Dasan Road, and Anna Salai. Schools in the area include SIET and the Arts and Science Women's College. Elegant five-star hotels like the Marriott Courtyard and Hyatt Regency may be found in Poes Garden. The Trinity Acute Care Hospital, Kauvery Hospital, Frontline Eye Hospital, General Surgical Clinic, and Crescent Hospital are among the top medical institutions nearby. Poes Garden, is a popular area of Chennai, with excellent access to the Teynampet Metro Station of the Chennai Metro. There are renowned hotels and eateries close by.

Now that we have discovered some of the finest localities in Chennai it's time to decide. You should always be clear about what you want in a home in a metropolis the size of Chennai. Are you looking for a villa, apartment, or individual house? Do you want a big villa for a joint family or a modern apartment for a nuclear family? Do you want to live in a exclusive property or do you prefer a gated community? No matter what you choose, we have it for you at Chennaiproperties.in. The most trusted real estate portal in South India, with verified home listings.

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