Things to consider before buying property in Coimbatore

Things to consider before buying property in Coimbatore

Coimbatore, also known as Kovai, is a large city in Tamil Nadu. It is India's 16th largest urban agglomeration and is nicknamed "Manchester of South India." In the 2020 Ease of Living Index, it was ranked as the seventh-best city in India. Furthermore, Coimbatore is set out to be some Smart City, waiting to stun us all! This city is consistently ranked among the top ten greatest cities in India. Here are some things to Consider Before Buying a Property in Coimbatore:

Your Requirements

Are you a married couple with or without children? Or do you have a large extended family? Or are you just looking to invest? In any event, it is critical to understand your property needs depending on your current situation. You will need to carefully decide if you are going to buy a plot, a individual house, an apartment, or a villa. Then after this decision, you need to consider the size of the property. Also, you need to factor in the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Everyone needs to differ, so try to think and decide what fits you and your family.

Locality and connectivity

Many individuals are concerned about the safety and connectivity of a neighborhood when purchasing property, especially if they intend to reside with their family. Another issue to consider is the affordability or availability of jobs. R S Puram, Saibaba Colony, Race Course, Peelamedu, Avinashi Road, Saravanampatti, Mettupalayam Road, Ramanathapuram and Kovaipudur are a few ideal places to buy a house in Coimbatore based on these qualities.

Research the background

You must investigate the type of property in which you are investing. It should not only provide a comparable end, but it should also be within your budget. You should thoroughly investigate the property's history, surrounding surroundings, and whether the land is suitable for construction. You should also conduct a background check on developers and keep track of their track records. It is also vital to assess whether the property satisfies all legal requirements. Only you should consider investing in real estate once you have met the conditions.


Calculating all of your expenses ahead of time is essential when investing in real estate. Knowing your budget allows you to limit the type of house you can afford in terms of room and location. To avoid running out of funds when needed, keep your budget within your loan payback capabilities. Before acquiring a home, you should always set a budget. Although loans are available, you need the budget for the down payment, monthly installment, and all other fees such as stamp duty and registration fees. The stamp duty applicable in Coimbatore is about 7% and the Registration Charges are about 4%.

Resale Value

It is vital to examine the resale value of a property before investing in it. To achieve healthy returns on the initial investment, property prices should climb dramatically over time. Most homebuyers, however, neglect this while making their decision. They usually choose an excellent location or a low price, which can be a costly mistake in the long run. If the incorrect house or location is selected, the future sale price may be less than the targeted returns. In circumstances like this, the major factors to evaluate are whether the property will increase faster than the market or how much of the investment's potential upside is already reflected in the current purchase price. You should consider the growing rates of property values in a specific place in the coming years. Examine the areas where development projects such as motorways and metro links will be completed. It will cause house values to grow in the future.

RERA certification

It is prudent to check whether a property complies with RERA standards before purchasing it. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority, or RERA, is a legislative organization tasked with ensuring transparency and accountability in India's real estate market. RERA is an administrative organization established by the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act of 2016, which is present in all states. You may check whether a certain property or builder in Coimbatore is following RERA guidelines by searching for their information on the Tamil Nadu RERA portal.

Construction approvals

When shopping for residential units created by Coimbatore builders or properties with constructed buildings, you should also examine the layout or building plan approved by the local municipal authorities. Here you can find some of the top builders in Coimbatore. Furthermore, the project must receive permits from the government, statutory and regulatory authorities for water, sewage, infrastructural facilities, power, environmental clearance, and so on. You can request copies of NOCs from numerous departments, such as the Environment Department, Sewage Board, Pollution Board, and Traffic and Coordination Department.

Purchasing a home is a significant event in everyone's life, and you want it to be an outstanding investment toward your objective of wealth building. So keeping these things in mind will get the property in Coimbatore that gives you peace of mind.

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