Safest areas in Coimbatore to live with family

Safest areas in Coimbatore to live with family

Coimbatore is known as the Manchester of India, which is a tribute to the fact that it is the tier-II city in India with the fastest growth. This place is the perfect combination of modern living and traditional heritage. A number of indicators point to Coimbatore's smart city having significant growth potential in the years to come. Beyond being a safe city, Coimbatore is an excellent place to grow in one's career, business, education, and other spheres of life.

Yes, it is accurate. According to a 2020 poll by the Central Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Coimbatore placed seventh among the greatest cities to live in and as the safest city. The main factors that contribute to Coimbatore's reputation as the safest city in India are its attentive police force, dependable public transit, and, above all, its kind and generous residents, who actually care about your well-being.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is protected cannot be purchased. It is essential that you own a property in this lovely city rather than just renting one, as Coimbatore is among the safest places for you and your family to settle down and begin a future. Here are the safest areas in Coimbatore to live with family:


A residential area next to NSR Road in Coimbatore is called Saibaba Colony. It is the name of the well-known Shirdi Sai Baba temple that lies nearby. Homeowners looking for a calm, safe and restful lifestyle find the colony to be the perfect place because of its well-known peaceful and charming ambience.


The Race Course is an excellent place to call home. A tidy, green space that is conveniently close to the Central Bus and Train Stations. Situated in the centre of the city, it's a pleasant and safe neighbourhood. It has the only walking track in Coimbatore. It was initially created by the British and is the priciest and most affluent district of Coimbatore city, with hotels, schools, a police station, and gardens.


RS Puram has developed into a thriving residential and commercial district in Coimbatore in recent years. RS Puram is surrounded by a number of excellent schools, hospitals, and shopping centres, all of which are well connected to one another by roadways. The workplace is conveniently accessible to the locals and families find this area safe and pleasant.


Located in the centre of Coimbatore is the vibrant neighbourhood of Peelamedu. Being the location of some of India's top research and academic institutes, Peelamedu is a lively, dynamic neighbourhood with a youthful vibe. The location of Peelamedu, at the base of the Western Ghats, is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors. Surrounded by abundant foliage, unusual birds and animals are frequently spotted in the neighbourhood. One of Peelamedu interesting features is that it is home to a number of well-known educational establishments, such as the PSG College of Technology, which is regarded as one of India's best engineering colleges.


The vibrant Coimbatore neighbourhood of Ganapathy is home to a wide range of individuals from various backgrounds, customs, and cultures. Ganapathy is a centre for jewellery and textiles, with a large number of neighbourhood stores offering traditional Indian clothing and accessories. Many historic temples and sites can be found in the neighbourhood, including the well-known Marudamalai Hill Temple, which provides stunning city views. Generally, this locality is adored by residents for its safety.


About 6 km to the north of the city centre is Kavundampalayam. It is located along Mettupalayam Road, which is a major thoroughfare in the city. It is another safe locality of Coimbatore. It boasts scenic views of nature's delight and a calm ambience, which is cherished by many families. That's not all this locality also offers residents a wholesome community with all amenities in a reachable radius.

Safety First For Your Family

Safety is the most important consideration when it comes to parenting. Children can grow and play freely in a safe atmosphere without having to worry about being in danger all the time.

For this reason, Coimbatore, which has continuously low crime rates, is a popular choice for families. But safety is more than simply having a secure physical location; it also involves having access to competent healthcare, reputable schools, and a generally healthy atmosphere.

As a result, the house of choice ought to have a number of amenities that can give parents comfort and peace of mind. As an example, consider:

- Security guards on duty

- CCTV cameras

- Access control systems

- Playground safety

- Nearby law enforcement

- Nearby emergency medical care

- Respectable, schools, colleges


Your goal is to guarantee the constant safety and security of your family members, both inside and outside of your house. Selecting a house in a safe city like Coimbatore with excellent educational options, infrastructure, and low crime rates is essential to giving your family and children the greatest start in life. After all, friendships, socialisation, and a sense of belonging are all aided by a safe atmosphere. If you have decided to check out some of the trending projects in Coimbatore, do browse through Coimbatore Property verified listing!

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